17 Everyday Barefoot Shoes For Women

how to wash xero shoes

Classic in looks, BeLenka City is a good option for many occasions. It’s also one of the models you’ll find in this list that is available in most colour combinations and styles ranging from formal to flashy. They’re all based on the same barefoot shoes principles with a sole at just 4mm, very flexible and a roomy footshaped design.

Check the Dash RunAMoc and Original RunAMoc models for starters. This casual – also unisex – shoe doesn’t attract much attention, so if you want to be comfortable in barefoot shoes without anyone noticing, Freet’s got you covered. The only sailor-style everyday barefoot shoe on this list and maybe in the world. If it’s in stock and it’s a barefoot style you’re after, be quick and grab it. Groundies don’t tend to let stock be around forever. Pamper your feet all day long with the “comfyToes”, a simple design for a variety of occasions.

As always Drifter Leather allows the patient buyer to get the exact size and fit that you like. This cool design lets you dress up and down easily and is available in 2 colours at the time of writing.

On top of that it’s wide across the shoe and very flexible. As ever with Lems there is an asterisk to its barefoot principles because their sole and footbed puts the overall stack over 10mm.

They come in a breathable, 100% mesh upper or a water-repellant knit fabric. I’ve been wearing the Originals in mesh for over a year, and they’re just as comfortable now as they were on day one. The lightweight mesh makes them perfect for warm summer weather, plus they’re easy to slip on and wear without socks.

Xero Shoes Prio Pros

I will sacrifice weight for comfort and durability to a degree. A typical 3-season load for me is around 20 lb not counting food and water. All Wildling shoes are unisex, and they have a FitKit on their website to help with sizing. They typically have the same models available from toddler through adult sizes, with small changes to adjust for smaller sizes . Xero Shoes are responsibly, ethically, and fairly manufactured in China. We visit and work with our factories multiple times per year.

  • They’re all based on the same barefoot shoes principles with a sole at just 4mm, very flexible and a roomy footshaped design.
  • The amount of sweat produced by your feet is greater than anywhere else on your body.
  • If you have white canvas shoes, then you might say, “Well, how about a little bleach?
  • They tread on the bottom is nice and grippy, I could see them as useful in the Cinque Terre this summer, for hiking and swimming in.
  • Plus, a durable Tough Tek toe bumper and more aggressive breathable mesh upper.
  • Comfortable, wear them all day in the office and going for a 25 min walk at lunch.

While Kevin O’Leary offer $400,000 for 50% equity shares of the company. Yes, they need a bit of breaking in, which any good leather boot will require.

Where Do Barefoot Sandals Come From?

International delivery can take anywhere from 3 days to 8 weeks depending on how long your order spends in customs at the border. We’ve heard that many international customers ship their shoes to friends or family in the US, UK, or Australia who will be visiting soon. If you’re just passing through and can’t wait a day or so, we can ship your order to you. We may have another option, depending on your situation; call us to see what’s possible. Also, keep in mind that we offer free domestic exchanges in case you get a size that doesn’t feel right.

I then dry them on this Glove Dryer with the house fan going so that they dry quickly but without heat. Did a “down and dirty” over the weekend and got my xero shoes dirty. I washed them by hand but they are still wet a day later. I was wondering if anyone has put them in the drier. If you’re a woman with a wider foot, you may be more comfortable in a “men’s” style. And if you’re a man with a narrower foot, you may like a “women’s” style better.

Looking For Other Types Of Barefoot Shoes? Check Out These Posts:

Instead, the best way to wash is hand washing, increasing the shoes’ lifespan. If Merrell’s shoes get dirty and need washing, do not ever put them in the washing machine. Washing Merrell’s shoes in a washing machine will damage the shoes. Apply the wax to the seams and the area where soles meet uppers so water cannot fill the gaps.

It’s durable and will protect your foot while giving it freedom without arch support or rigid soles. When some of my barefoot shoe pairs are not used, I usually cover them to avoid dirt. I usually keep my shoes in the shoebox and keep them in the shoe rack most of the time. Xero Shoes is the original barefoot wear firm, producing lightweight sandals and recreational shoes. Barefoot Shoes not only strengthen all the muscles in the foot, but they also help the foot develop in the correct way to prevent deformities.

This means your feet are meant to bend, to move, to flex, and feel the world. Select the website closest to you for the lowest prices and fastest shipping times. Feel the World, Inc, 100 Technology Drive, Suite 315C, Broomfield, CO 80021. If you somehow manage to wear through the outsole on your Xero Shoes, we will replace them for a nominal cost. Check out the question on this page about what canvas is made of and you’ll see why. Soap and water is typically what you need, and maybe a toothbrush or a good cloth.

Personally, I like this price point especially for those newer to barefoot shoes that want to try them out. You’d how to wash xero shoes think, looking at them, that they’d feel stiff or uncomfortable but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

They make a great travel shoe if you’re planning on doing a little of everything and want something super comfortable. Wildling uses vegan materials for the shoes uppers, including organic cotton, linen, and hemp. Some of my favorites are the Tanukis, which use Japanese Washi paper. This innovative material is incredibly lightweight, breathable and durable. As a huge fan of merino wool, I also love the Nebulas, which are made with a merino wool knit mix fabric.

  • When I looked at the website it said these shoes run a little small and to order a half size up if in doubt as to what size to get.
  • If you’d like a nifty picture by your name, check out
  • We believe that actually going barefoot is best.
  • B) They have an outdoor or summer feeling to them and I think people really relate to that.
  • Its’ wide toe box, natural shape, and inspired minimalist running shoe design are ideal for any daily deed that your calendar calls for.
  • Sashen wanted to prolong the barefoot experience in locations where foot covering was essential.
  • However, I still tackled some pretty steep terrain wearing the TerraFlex shoes.

These run a little wide, so would be good for wider or awkwardly shaped feet. I found them a little floppy and a little too wide for my feet, but it turned out to be user error, see photo below. Once the straps were adjusted properly, the fit was fine. Xero Shoes Hana Men’s Damaged SoleWe’ve already started to see some wear on our newest pair. The elastic bit on one of the shoes has started to fray and the sole has started to peel away from the upper—which is annoying, although not overly concerning at this point.

Are Minimalist Shoes Beneficial To Your Feet?

I was very glad I had my trekking poles with me. My feet also felt a little tired after the first days hiking but surprisingly, felt great the next morning, and the hike up the mountain did not make them feel tired.

how to wash xero shoes

Xero has a number of different shoes available, and ultimately if you are after something more minimalistic or with a more substantial sole – they got you totally covered. I generally prefer a more minimal shoe and have experienced this with some of their other shoes. The main improvement I would recommend is more sizing consistency among their different shoes models and to provide a sizing guide or template on their site. I’d love to tell you more about these from my perspective, but my son stole them and won’t give them back.

What Is Xero Shoes Mission?

Wildling Shoes make some of the most flexible, comfortable and close-to-barefoot-feeling soles and shoes on the market. This unique option – Tanuki Yoru – is not only stealthy like a ninja, it’s also built from very different in materials used with 75% of its construction being of washi paper. If you’re after a vegan option, look no further.

how to wash xero shoes

Xero Shoes suggests you buy ½ a size larger than your normal shoe size. But after trying a pair on I decided to go a full size larger. I’ve been rocking the Mesa Trails for 600km now, and I’m really happy to say, they are just what I was looking for. But the all-important fit was a little tricky at first, you’ll almost certainly need a different size from your standard shoe. Only one email a month with in depth content on new products, comparisons of similar shoes, and transition to minimal info! Be Lenka’s barefoot sneakers are all designed and made in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where they are sustainably and ethically manufactured under EU laws.

I was in a rut with my job and wanted to travel the world but didn’t have a lot of money at the time. Following the Shark Tank broadcast, Xero Shoes did 20% of the previous year’s sales in the 7 days following the show. There are other companies compete with Xero Shoes, these are; Naot, Vivo barefoot, OluKai, Lugz, OOFOS, Vegan Wares, Okabashi and See Kai Run. Following the Shark Tank broadcast, Xero Shoes did 20% of the previous year’s sales in the 7 days after following the show. During the presentation Daymond commented on product and goes out of the deal.

Xero Shoes In Dryer

In March, I ordered and tried on at least 18 different pairs of zero-drop and minimalist shoes. I didn’t plan on writing an article about it, but after a chat with my friend, I decided this information as I’ve compiled it may be helpful for others. It took me a long time to find companies who sold the types of shoes I was looking for. Know that I was not provided any of these shoes for free, nor did I buy them with the intention of reviewing or recommending any of them. Natural FIT — the wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax.

This coating doesn’t mean you should wear these shoes in the shower, but it should protect them from getting soaked through if you run into some puddles while out exploring. The sole is quite grippy, which is a major plus for both hiking and city-strolling. You won’t have to worry about slipping on those pretty-yet-dangerous cobblestone streets, but you may need to be more careful on slick, technical terrain. We love the versatility of this sole, which adds to the versatility of the shoe overall. Way back in 2013, the husband and wife duo behind Xero Shoes introduced their barefoot sandals to the world on the ABC reality show, Shark Tank. (For the curious, the couple received an offer from one of the “Sharks,” but ultimately rejected it).

There are a lot of companies, including Xero Shoes, that make shoes out of canvas. It’s a wonderful material, and if you find canvas footwear I know you’re going to really enjoy it. Well, the Hana and Cassie are designed to be casual canvas shoes that you would wear for, you know, just hanging out, chilling. I have been waiting in anticipation to try these, & they finally arrived today. The instant I put them on it was apparent they were total comfort & ease of movement. I am sold – this was my “trial balloon” to see if I could expand my natural foot ware.

Wildling Shoes

Underfoot, the super flexible sole offers a balance of ground feel and the right combination of protection, which most minimal runners want. After getting the sizing right, you will immediately feel the airy toe box, which gives you plenty of space to splay, flex and extend those toes for a natural feel.


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